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Steve, the 'Internet Archive' appears to have much of what you are talking about, but I couldn't actually find either of the books. They could still be buried somewhere in there, after all:

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Just curious if anyone else in the group has collected these two series of programming books for kids, and how many were published.  These books include the Coco.  The first is “Micro Adventure”, by Eileen Buckholtz and Ruth Glick.  The second is “Magic Micro Adventure” by the same two people.  I have issues 1-10 for “Micro Adventure”, and issues 1-3 for “Magic Micro Adventure”.  If you are interested in looking these up, issue #1 of “Micro Adventure” is ISBN:0-590-33165-5, and for issue #1 of “Magic Micro Adventure” is ISBN:0-590-33476-X.  These books are adventures, and during the adventure, you are asked to type in a program on your computer, and given a garble coded message.  When the code is input into the computer, it gives you a clue.  I haven’t tried these, but they are a cute idea, and a way to get kids interested in programming.  These are small paperbacks, and are a bit fragile, so a good, crisp scan is probably not possible without doing damage to the books.  Maybe with a lot of care???

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