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On Tuesday 04 February 2020 16:15:53 pfitchjr at bellsouth.net wrote:

> "Teaching sand to think was a mistake..."

ROTFLMAO!  And I'm inclined to agree, but our technological progress 
since has been pretty close to a vertical line, and generally speaking 
we are better off for it.

Actually, we did that first with glass and metal. First "computer" I ever 
saw had 12,000 12AU7 vacuum tubes in it. 1954 or 55 IIRC. Tied to a 
modified Harris streaming printing press, which was used to drag the 
test sheets past the photocells that read the dots, it was grading the 
Iowa version of the S/B IQ test. At about 4 test sheets a second. 
Designed and built by the engineering school at SUI in Iowa City.

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