[Coco] Melted Keyboard Repair

pfitchjr at bellsouth.net pfitchjr at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 4 18:51:18 EST 2020

Theres always the hackers friend, hot glue.

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On Tuesday 04 February 2020 09:17:08 Kevin Becker wrote:

> That is a great question.  I was hoping someone else had experience 
> repairing this before I dove in myself but failing that I took the 
> plunge.  I'm planning to get out my calipers and measure the holes, 
> then try to find a set of very small screws.  I think I should be able 
> to carefully drill some small pilot holes and screw it all back 
> together. It will be tedious but seems doable.

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