[Coco] Melted Keyboard Repair

Kevin Becker kevin at kevinbecker.org
Tue Feb 4 09:17:08 EST 2020

That is a great question.  I was hoping someone else had experience 
repairing this before I dove in myself but failing that I took the 
plunge.  I'm planning to get out my calipers and measure the holes, then 
try to find a set of very small screws.  I think I should be able to 
carefully drill some small pilot holes and screw it all back together.  
It will be tedious but seems doable.

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>So, now that you've cut the plastic welds off, how are you going to hold
>the keyboard together after you reassemble it?
>I'm betting the little metal balls serve no purpose at all, but somehow
>crept in during manufacturing.  Maybe they were dandruff in the hair of a
>robot that put the thing together.
>On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 10:16 PM Kevin Becker <kevin at kevinbecker.org> wrote:
>>  So I took a razor and clipped all the plastic welds holding the
>>  keyboard in place.  Quite a few had broken off already, which I assume
>>  was the source of the issue.  The good news is that my mylar membrane
>>  is in great shape.  The faulty keys were due to the small springs that
>>  press against the mylar coming loose on the problematic keys.  Probably
>>  because the broken plastic welds allowed the keyboard to flex enough
>>  for them to get loose.  The rattling sound has me really puzzled
>>  though.  I'm sure the springs were part of it, but the majority seems
>>  to have come from a bunch of small metal balls loose inside the
>>  keyboard.  I think there were 9 of them.  They are much smaller than a
>>  BB, more like the ball in a ballpoint pen, but a bit bigger than
>>  those.  Does anyone know what purpose they could possibly serve?
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