[Coco] CoCo 1 troubles

Salvador Garcia salvadorgarciav at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 23 19:11:28 EST 2020

 Thanks again, much appreciated!

I see the socket. It is populated. It looks like a white IC, stamped "Beckman". Most certainly that's the resistor pack.

Nope, DSKINI 1 it is. Trying to access drive 0 does nothing, only the motors spin up then the IO ERROR.

DSKINI 1 starts the formatting process and after stepping 34 times and doing a seek, I get IO ERROR.

Yes, looking straight into the drive connector I see some dark areas. That's probably where the pins are missing.

I can not access files on an already formatted diskette


    El miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2020 04:29:14 p. m. CST, Arthur Flexser <flexser at fiu.edu> escribió:  
 On some systems, especially those Tandy initially sold for the CoCo 1,
drive selection is done by having pulled pins on the different cable
connectors, rather than by jumpers within the drives.  If you look at the
cable connectors end-on, you should see different pins pulled on the
different connectors.  You should still have a terminating resistor in the
last drive in line.  Is there a prominent empty socket within the disk
drive that looks like a resistor might go there?

Do you mean DSKINI1, not DSKINI0?  Ordinarily, with just one drive, that
one would be Drive 0.  That DSKINI gets through 34 steps and then bombs
means that correct formatting did not take place, in that DSKINI has gone
back to Track 0 and begun its verify pass, trying without success to read
from the just-formatted tracks

Can you access files on an existing, already formatted disk with data on it?



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