[Coco] CoCo~123 Volume 40 Issue 3 now ready!

Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 21:24:41 EST 2020

The winter edition of the Glenside Color Computer Club CoCo~123 is now
ready for your viewing pleasure!

We've ended the year strong with the year-end review of news, and lots of
quality content, this is the biggest undertaking for the publication in
recent years, and there are many people to thank which you'll read about in
the issue.

The most important take-away which is time sensitive it the mentioning of
the Glenside Virtual Meetup which takes place Sunday December 20th at 6PM
Central, 7PM Eastern Time, this is a video conferencing via the club's
BlueJeans service and can be attended even with a web browser, please try
and join us this weekend for some CoCo comradery.

We continue a string of great contributions from community members, and are
anxious to receive more in the future, hopefully the jam packed issue will
inspire something for you to send us for the Spring 2021.

There is a new email address to send newsletter information to,
newsletter at glensideccc.com

Enjoy the issue, let us know what you thought of it, and send us something
for the next one!


Steve “Stevie Strow” Strowbridge

Retro nerd, vintage computing enthusiasts, self proclaimed CoCo “Nut”

ogStevieStrow at gmail.com primary email address

http://ogsteviestrow.com web site

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