[Coco] Not coco related but trs80

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 3 10:43:50 EST 2020

On 12/3/20 10:15 AM, rietveld rietveld wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if there were any 3rd part terminal programs for the trs80 model 2 and 12 ?  So far all i can find is the one that came with TRSDOS II disk

None that I remember.  I wrote one or two in the long distant past
for the Model 16 in both 68K and Z80 modes to match the ones I did
for the LSI-11.  I doubt they would have had me write them if there
had been programs available.  But then, how likely was it that anyone
else would have done an Infoton 100 emulation.  :-)


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