[Coco] AGD converted games - Last pack (#37)

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 03:41:02 EDT 2019

Hello, this is going to be, most probably, the last AGD converted games 
This pack #37 comes with these games
- Being Left Is Not Right by Carlos Perezgrin (C)2019
- Binary by Mulder (C)2010
- Generació Digital by Rafa Vico (C)2019
- Mouser by Addam Westlake (C)2019
- Robot, The Impossible Mission by Simon Ferré (C)2019
- Seto Taishó To Kazan (DEMO) by Alessandro Grussu (C)2017

You will find more info about that release and download the disks here

Kees van Oss & Pere Serrat

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