[Coco] DIN 4 connector for serial port

Richard Lorbieski richard at boysontech.com
Wed May 29 11:57:05 EDT 2019

I'm glad it worked out.


I got Richard's DIN 4 connectors yesterday (May 28/19). Tested with these and they fit fine. Thanks Richard!

I examined them closely and found that they are identical to the ones that I have, so I re-examined the connector that would not plug in. It turned out that the two metal halves did not fit together correctly, leaving a small (almost indiscernible) gap. This gap was enough to elongate the circular outer casing, not letting it plug into the CoCo's serial plug. I disassembled the connector, reseated the two halves and reassembled it. Tested and it fit just right!

I tested all the connectors and they did not have the any issues which brings me to the "oh-dang" moment: I should have tested all the connectors before assuming that they were the wrong size.

Thanks all for your help. Much appreciated!


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