[Coco] Fresh new retro computing article!

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Tue May 28 22:57:22 EDT 2019

No, he was banned for lying. Plain and simple. He was given a chance to
explain why he took the actions he did, and he chose not to do so. He
expressed his disappointment at the actions that were taken, but, chose not
to discuss why he lied.

Look up the definition of censorship - doesn't fit, at all.

*Censorship* is the suppression of free speech, public communication or
other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful,
sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by
governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions.

Yelling fire in a crowded space isn't considered free speech, and I think
most places consider lying to be unacceptable behavior as well.

Banning someone for lying is not censorship. It's not a violation of the
law, or someone's civil rights. If it was, Facebook and Twitter would be in
a LOT of trouble right now over their own actions on certain individuals
and groups.

Brock, or whoever he is, was more than welcome to discuss the Boomerang and
Triad+. During that discussion, he chose to lie about his reason for
posting; he chose to lie about Richard asking him to join and comment.
Simply put, he claimed to be representing Richard and his product which was
a lie.

Had Brock not stated that Richard asked him to comment on the post, again,
which Richard flatly denied, there wouldn't have been a problem. Discussion
of the two products is perfectly fine, and I'm trying to figure out where
anyone said otherwise.

Nor did anyone say that Stevie was Brock - yes, I said their re-appearance
after CoCoFest was ironic and close in time. That doesn't mean I or anyone
else thinks they are the same person. My commentary on it is more along the
lines they know each other,  and were talking about his ban.

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