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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Fri May 24 23:42:07 EDT 2019

On Friday 24 May 2019 11:19:18 pm Brian Goers wrote:

> Not to make light of mental illness.
> I have said to people "I don't suffer from metal illness, I enjoy
> every minute of it"

So do I Brian. But the enjoyment is fading along with my short term 
memory.  And that's something that seems to be helped by a dose of B1 in 
my daily pill-tainer.  What you can buy OTC, is way big compared to the 
MDR, but its water soluble so your kidneys will flush the surplus, same 
with B12 used for nighttime leg cramps.  So you can't O.D. on it 
according to the pharmacists I've questioned.

Getting old isn't for wimps.
> On 5/24/2019 7:20 PM, Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote:
> >   "I now have a direction??to go in."
> >
> > Hopefully it is isn't towards insanity! :-D Salvador
> >
> >
> > <snipped>
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