[Coco] He has equipment he wants to sell

Brian Goers briang0671 at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 22 00:57:48 EDT 2019

John Will has contacted me to put his for sale equipment list on the 
CoCo list.

You can contact him if you want something and shipping addresses etc.

I don't know what he wants for anything. I've included his email for you 
to use.

The list is a little more than two pages.


  Brian Goers
  Club Librarian/Treasurer


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´╗┐Color Computer Inventory - 05/13/2019



CoCo 2 64K Extended Basic	26-3127B			2023848 

CoCo 2 16K Extended Basic	26-3027			50311 

CoCo 3 128K Extended Basic 	26-3334			1291759

Tandy Dot Matrix Printer 	DMP 106 			7P86140 

Tandy Disk Drive FD 500 		26-3129			30723

Color Computer Mini Disk Drive 26-3029			57068

5.25 inch Disk Drive 		ZA-180-54

5.25 inch disk drive, FD-502	26-3133			1011444

Tandy Deluxe Power Center	26-1396			1T168

13" Samsung Color 
TV/CoCo Monitor 

Multipak Interface		 	26-3024 

Orchestra 90 CoCo Stereo 	26-3143
Music Synthesizer 

4 ea Joysticks 			26-3008 

2 ea Joysticks				26-3123

Thermal Printer - 4 inch		26-1261

Direct Connect Modem Pack 	26-2228 

Game Pistol 

Soft "Leather CoCo Carrying Case 

Soft black CoCo dust cover 

4 inch stack of pin fed letter size paper 


Game Cartridges - Some with manuals 

Spectaculator			26-3256

Disc Graphics 			26-3251

Color Profile 			26-3253 

Thexder Disk for CC3 128K 	26-3072 

Microscopic Mission Disk 
for CC3 128K			26-3271 

Pantograph 				26-3276

Home Publisher 			26-3273

Kings Quest III (Sierra) 

Koronis Rift (Epyx) 

Rogue (Epyx) 

Goofy Covers Government 
- Disney Software

Dynacalc 				26-3275

Space Explorations 		60-2346

Solar System 			60-22345

Boko Ban Cassette 		26-3161


Software Buyer's Guide - 
Second Edition 

CoCo Disk System Manual 	10-3129-011-BCO 

Tandy DMP 105 Operation Manual 26-1276

2 ea CoCo 3 Basic Quick 
Reference Manual 

Introducing Your COCO 3 Manual 

CoCo 3 Extended Basic Manual 

CoCo 2 Operations Manual 

CoCo Quick Reference Guide 

Introducing Your CoCo 2 Manual 

CoCo 2 Starter Card 

CoCo 2 Quick Reference Card 

Getting Started With Color Basic for CoCo 2 

Extended Color Basic for CoCo2 

My TRS 80 Likes Me 			26-2751 

OS9 Multiprogramming
Operations System 			26-3030 

System Programming Manual

Color Computer Assembly 
Language Programming 			62-2077 

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