[Coco] Light Brighting aka Retrobrighting with sunshine

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Sat May 18 10:19:45 EDT 2019

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Thanks for posting this link.

If you have a yellowed CoCo or other old machine, check out that link. It discusses success with just setting equipment in the sun.

I tried this with a MultiPak shell. Five hours in the sun made a noticeable different (I put a towel over one side and can see the strip where one side is yellower than the exposed side).

Ron Delvaux is where I first saw this (on his Facebook page) when he had a bunch of computers sitting out on tables in the sun. I had no idea why he was doing that, but within a few days I was onboard and trying it. He referred to it as “solar retrobrighting."

I’m testing on stuff that doesn’t work (the MPI I have is just the case and power supply, no MPI inside) and so far it’s going well. I expect I’ll take the CoCo 3 motherboard out and just set the case out int he sun for a few days and get it white-ish again.

I’m also waiting for more followup videos to see if folks discover any downsides to this. Obviously I wouldn’t want to leave my old CoCo out in 90 degree direct sunlight for a few days, but I’ve certainly had them in hot cars packed up driving 20 hours to CoCoFests so maybe they can handle some of it fine.

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