[Coco] MyRam vs, Rammer

L. Curtis Boyle curtisboyle at sasktel.net
Mon May 13 10:21:25 EDT 2019

The system RAM for a format is a problem. Level III kind of solved it, but Drivewire breaks that. Bill and I have some ideas on possibly fixing it a couple of different ways (including getting level III working again), but unfortunately those are a bit further down the list of things to do.

L. Curtis Boyle
curtisboyle at sasktel.net

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> On May 12, 2019, at 4:15 PM, Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 12 May 2019 06:03:16 pm L. Curtis Boyle wrote:
>> There are two pluses in the RAMMER column (at least in the bug fix
>> version in EOU Beta 4) - since it mimics “real”  drive geometry
>> (number of sides, sectors per track, tracks), it works with the BACKUP
>> command (so you can back up real floppies in 1 pass to either
>> direction. It also supports the special /MD descriptor (“memory
>> descriptor”) for debugging. This lets you both view and modify memory
>> anywhere in the 2 MB while the system is running. Not for the casual
>> user, but very helpful for testing special cases, error trapping, etc.
> ISTR I did test it with backup, backing up a 720k floppy and going both 
> ways for 2 identical floppy's as a result. Maybe I did something to muck 
> that up in the final version? Or bit rot has set in in the copies in the 
> repo.
> But I'm out of system ram and can't format a floppy. That makes things 
> like this a bit difficult to troubleshoot at this late date.

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