[Coco] Fwd: Problems with The OS9 Game "Mixup"

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Thu May 9 16:50:33 EDT 2019

If it were a 6309 game (and I doubt it) it most likely would not run at all.
If it's a game meant to be run from Multivue, then it may expect the mouse cursor to already be on. The problem seems to be the cursor is not being turned on.
 I've never heard of the game, so I'm not sure of it's origins... where did you get it?
No OS9 program should have to run from the SYS dir... it should run from the cmds dir if properly written.
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  Some supplementary Information.

  it's the 6809 version of Nitro. have not tested in the 6309 Nitro.
  Turns out that I can at least use the Keyboard mouse so
  I just turn it on with [CTRL][CLEAR] and I get a mouse
  cursor to play the game with. :)

  So the problem is not as bad as I thought.


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  I am having problems with the game Mixup.
  Everything works except that I cannot see the mouse pointer.
  I have the mixup file in the execution directory and the file pic.mix 
in /dd/sys
  I am runing Nitros9 3.2.9 with the CoWin module.

  Any troubleshooting sugestions or is there a patch to fix Mixup ?


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