[Coco] Thermal Paper for TP-10 Printer?

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Thu May 9 13:46:08 EDT 2019

This works in the TP-10:
[ https://www.amazon.com/SiPix-Pocket-Printer-Thermal-Paper/dp/B001QLCE1U?fbclid=IwAR3KfMTnlnPQt31lLFIkj1cTYmP8wAimdi9IVTvTjMVMGlOiIIzjqtXcutU ]( https://www.amazon.com/SiPix-Pocket-Printer-Thermal-Paper/dp/B001QLCE1U?fbclid=IwAR3KfMTnlnPQt31lLFIkj1cTYmP8wAimdi9IVTvTjMVMGlOiIIzjqtXcutU )
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Does anyone have a good source for rolls of thermal paper (4.125” wide) for the Radio Shack TP-10 printer?


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