[Coco] Watch Alpha Test Please

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Sun Mar 10 14:38:48 EDT 2019

Watch - The Cheap Clock is ready for ALPHA test.

Alpha Test Rules:

(I really don't want a bad version to get out in the wild, my testing is 

1) You must send an E-Mail to

mailto:a_nani_mouse at mindspring.com

The number of Alpha testers is limited, if you don't get an E-Mail back, 
that may be why.

2) You MUST be running NitrOS-9 or OS-9 with Year 2000 fixes installed. 
(Note: I an running OS-9 without the Year 2000 fixes and an old NitrOS-9 

3) You may NOT discuss anything about this project in ANY public place 
like right here on Facebook or the mailing list. Only E-Mails to / from 
me are allowed.

4) Running the first time you must check that the correct date and time 
have been set before doing anything like writing files.

5) Be prepared for anything like your system disk being reformatted and 
other problems that an Expert could recognize and fix.

6) The Alpha test version may not be given to anyone else, reports are 
to be returned to me via E-Mail only.


Basic functionality has been demonstrated, cosmetic changes still need 
to be done and a file for distribution prepared.

I have other things to do (Like Taxes) so I may not reply quickly to 
reported problems.

I thought that the fix might be easy as it appears to be.


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