[Coco] The LAST 3 issues WILL NOT LOAD correctly...

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 12:44:14 EST 2019

Hi Joe,

the problem has been fixed. Enjoy!


"Joe Schutts via Coco"  a écrit dans le message de groupe de discussion : 
953546952.7507271.1551441487149 at mail.yahoo.com...

Just to inform someone, I just tried to download ALL the issues of Autralian 
Coco Magazine (thanks for the upload by the way) and for some reason they 
(JUST the LAST 3 issues - JUNE 88, JULY 88, and SEPT 88) will NOT LOAD 
correctly. Hopefully someone can correct this problem or fix the error...
Hope this helps...
Thanks for the download by the way...

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