[Coco] e: AGD converted games - Pack #30

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 03:13:03 EDT 2019

these games have been created in a ZX-Spectrum and so they are using 8 
but restricted to two colours inside a block of 8x8 pixels (definition 
I converted the AGD engine to work with the 6809 machines that have a MC6847
video chip.
This means that to go 256x192 we had only one mode, PMODE4 and that limits
colors to black and white.
My 'test' game along the conversion was Foggy's Quest and that one was 
to be played in both PMODE3 (4 colours) and PMODE4 but this was an exception
just because a spanish Retrowiki user volunteered to convert fonts, 
tiles, objects
and sprites to PMODE3 and despite the definition loss (128x192) the 
result was good
When you play these games on a NTSC machine you will see the normal 
colors. As the game has not been designed to work that way, the text is 
readable, so I added a choice when the game waits for you to select 
control mode
(Keys or joy) and pressing key '4' will change between palette 
black/white and
black/green each time you press that key.

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> I just grabbed the Big Pack of these and have played a few of them... I'm
> using the Switch-A-Roo cable to a modern LCD monitor.  Are these intended
> to be played in black-n-white, or with artifact colors?  Googling some of
> the games on the ZX Spectrum shows them in color (such as the angry birds
> one:
> http://arcadegamedesigner.proboards.com/thread/327/new-game-angry-birds-opposition)
> but putting the Switch-A-Roo into composite mode makes me think these ports
> are intended to be black-n-white.
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> Lee,
> They're mostly in black and white, or limited colour.
> I'm playing them on a CoCo 2 with TV/monitor.
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