[Coco] AGD converted games - Pack #29 (4th extra pack)

Pere Serrat psergm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 16:39:33 EDT 2019

Hi Allen,
I made a direct conversion of the AGD engine from Z80 to 6809 for 
machines that use
the MC6847 video chip, so the games we are converting (some 181 right 
now) will
work on Dragon - Tano - CoCo1-2-3 and compatibles with 64k RAM

I don't now of anybody working on the conversion of the AGD engine for 
the CoCo3 GIME.
When all games will be converted, probably I will atempt this task 
despite it will be my
very first CoCo3 project. I think it will be a challenging project but 
very interesting.

The games are built using a ZX-Spectrum application called AGDX with 
which the designer
creates a 'macros' output file whith the definition of elements like 
tiles, objects, sprites,
screens, fonts and the events that will manage everything on the screen
This intermediate file can be compiled to some different machines and 
the output are
the games we are working with.


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>> On Jun 11, 2019, at 2:39 AM, Pere Serrat<psergm at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hello, just wanted to tell you that the fourth EXTRA Pack (Pack #29) of converted AGD games
>> has been released today, with these new games
> I missed out on this when it first happened. I have seem some videos. Neat!
> Is there a CoCo 3 AGD engine?
> What is used to create these AGD games?
> 		— Allen

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