[Coco] Carmen Sandiego on Nitros9 Drivewire

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Feb 17 11:46:07 EST 2019


If you don't want to boot into a VDG Term, and don't have already some VDG screens
in your OS9Boot file, you can change a W window into a VDG screen.

xmode /w5 par=1 pag=10
shell i=/w5&

This assumes you are not trying to boot from an old OS-9 game disk. You need to boot
from a current NitrOS-9 disk, create a VDG window, switch to the new VDG window,
chd to the game disk, chx to the /game/CMDS directory, and then enter the command
to start the game.

If you plan to play these games regularly, add lines to your Startup file to do some
of this work for you. You can write a script in your main directory for each game
you want to play that will do some of this work.


Walter wrote:
> Robert
> I kind of remember this is what I had to do to get Flight Sim II working as it would only start from a VDG window!
> Walter

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