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Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 15 22:22:22 EST 2019

Sorry to ask an off-topic question, but this group has a lot of knowledge in vintage electronics.

My father-in-law died a year ago, and I found in his possessions two boxes, each containing one 7” recording tape.  I assume this is reel-to-reel tape.  These boxes state, “1800 feet 1.0 mil 7” reel polyester concert recording tape, #44-1018”

I would love to know if there is anything recorded on these two reels.  One digital transfer company I checked with in Minneapolis did not have the capability to check these.  Are there any Coco list members who could check these to see if they have any audio data?  I’d be happy to pay for shipping both ways, and some money for your efforts.  If there is audio, I would also like to have it transferred to CD or flash drive so we can listen to anything he may have recorded.  Please let me know if anyone might want to tackle this for me.


--- Steve ---

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