[Coco] Coco in France

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 07:05:55 EST 2019

Well, it looks like his power transformer only steps the voltage down to
110V but doesn't alter the frequency. So that remains at 50hz.

Refresh my memory... the CoCo needs 60hz in order to generate it's NTSC RF
video correct? And as I tap into the video signal just before it goes to
the RF modulator for composite out, that would explain why no video there

He says a transformer that converts to 60hz is expensive so is wondering
about replacing the internal transformer. Frankly, for me, I'd prefer
spending the money on a good external transformer and not risk my retro

Interesting that he is using same transformer with C64 and other retro
machines without issues.

Anyhow, I just need confirmation on 60hz power requirement.


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