[Coco] CoCo in France

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 00:30:22 EST 2019

Let me recap my previous post...
1) NTSC Coco (mine)
2) NTSC TV (his)
3) He's using a step down transformer
4) He says other video game consoles (NTSC) are working with his
transformer and his NTSC TV

I asked him to try the RF output to the NTSC. He says that too has no
video.  I asked him to turn on the machine and enter the SOUND 100,10
command. He reported no sound on the audio out. I need to have him try the
sound test again over RF.

I was also thinking a difference in the 50hz vs 60hz. Could it be the
'other retro' systems he mentions (that he bought from the US) have less of
an issue producing a video if his transformer is handling the hz as is
expected. ie a 30+ year old system vs a 10+ year old system.


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