[Coco] Varloc.dsk is Blank

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 18:03:01 EST 2019

Hi Michael,

the disk appears to be blank but the game can be started with the DOS 
command. However, this version is also a hacked version. I've found what 
looks like the original version in my disk collection. It can be started 
with the *.BAS program or the DOS command and shows the proper credits. I've 
just updated the archive.


"Michael Kline via Coco"  a écrit dans le message de groupe de discussion : 
fc01025c-510c-183e-f7f5-b4a03e992d08 at yahoo.com...

Does anyone have the unhacked credits version of Varloc? The disk image
found in the SDC Image(2018-12-19)  and the image from the disk download
section of the archive, contains a blank disk. The zip file from the
disk/games download of Varloc actually contains two files. The
Varloc.dsk is blank. The Varloc (alt).dsk is the hacked credits version.
The (alt) one loads and runs.

If anyone does have the original, would you upload to the archive?



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