[Coco] Coco in France

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 08:25:44 EST 2019

I have a fellow who bought a Coco 1 from me that lives in France. He says
when connecting the video composite to his Sony NSTC TV. He sees
'something' for microseconds when turning on and off the TV. He's tried
different video cables.... no luck.

It has a composite output that utilizes the cheap video circuit sold on
eBay for Atari 2600. This is the circuit that John talked about on the
CoCoCrew podcast.

The unit was tested thoroughly before I shipped it and I took photos of
both composite and RF signals.

He's using 230V to 110V AC Adapter. I've asked him to test the composite
video input on his NTSC TV. I also asked him to try the RF output to his

Although he is using the converter, could anything other than the above be
causing issues due to the AC?

He says he can hear the machine switch on (tape relay).



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