[Coco] Coco Badges

Carlos Camacho idevgames at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 06:44:23 EST 2019

I'll be rather busy for the next few weeks with my moving and new job. So
I'd like to take some final orders for my CoCo case badges while I have
time to mail them. They were designed by a former professional graphic
designer (me) to exact specs of original case badges. They have 3M adhesive
on the back and are NOT made of aluminum. The epoxy has UV protection.

One badge is USD $10. I'll provide some discounting for multiple
quantities. The 64K RAM badge is $8. Although much smaller, the setup fee
at the factory was rather high!

Down the road, I will manufacture the plastic base that they fit into. For
now, you can use your own base or just stick them on the case of your CoCo

I have CoCo 1 badges, Coco 2 Radio Shack (early ver) & Tandy (late ver),
and Coco 3 - 128k, 512k, 2048k, and 2MB.

I also have a badge that will fit CoCo 2 & 3 cases that look exactly like
the CoCo 1 badge. Stupid me assumed CoCo 1 badges were same size as CoCo
2/3 badges. CoCo 1 badges are much larger! And so these badges are
'mistakes'. I got credit on them so I will pass on the savings; they would
sell for $7 and I have 5 in stock. PLEASE remember that while they look
like CoCo 1 badges, they won't fit... Only use on CoCo 2/3 or some other
CoCo gear.

Shipping, regardless of QTY is $4 to continental USA.

Send your name, address and order to support at colorcomputerstore.com. I will
send you an invoice by email. Thanks for looking!

Carlos Camacho
Color Computer Store

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