[Coco] AGD converted games: Pack #14

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 1 11:06:09 EST 2019

Pere, thank you very much for doing these conversions.  It looks like I have been able to download 7 of these packs, and that there are 14 of them completed at this point.  Can you please point me in the right direction to find the others I am missing?

Thanks again for all the good work.

--- Steve ---

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From: Pere Serrat
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Subject: [Coco] AGD converted games: Pack #14

There is another six games pack released:
- Killer Bees by Gary James (C)2014
- Kyd Cadet 3 by Paul Jenkinson (C)2014
- Leonardo's Lost Last Invention by Gabriele Amore et al (C)2014
- Moritz by Sebastian Braunert et al (C)2017
- Pink Pills - Manic Moritz & the Meds by Sebastian Braunert et al (C)2017
- Terrapins by Alan Turvey (C)2017

You will find more info about that release and download the disks here

Pere Serrat

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