[Coco] New VCC release

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Mon Dec 23 16:21:18 EST 2019

I just wanted to announce that I've posted a new release of the VCC Color Computer 3 Emulator on the VCC GitHub site. This release includes:

 Added "*.ccc" to the program pak extensions

 Fixed a possible shutdown bug when using VCC in Wine under Linux

 Removed the "Use keyboard LEDs as Drive indicators" checkbox in "cartridge/fd502 config" (wasn't working anyway)

 Fixed missing foreign and special characters 128-159 in 40 & 80 column hardware text fonts

 (previously) Fixed the missing and incorrect hd6309 instructions (hopefully)

 Removed non-functional Tandy Hires & CocoMax Hires adapter checkboxes in "config/joysticks"

 Updated the "About" box under the "Help" menu to include those who have worked on VCC

 Made several "cosmetic" changes to some of the dialog boxes


B. Pierce

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