[Coco] VCC 2.0.2 with full 6309 emulation. Runs Nitros9 EOU 6309.

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Thu Dec 5 19:00:55 EST 2019

Walter, I've tried with both the old and new DLLs. I get the same results each way. When I click insert on the drive/disk insert, I see/hear my HD spin for a second (even get the windows spinny thingy), but then no action. At that point, I can click and do other things, which when a dialog box is up, you can do nothing outside (in VCC) until it's closed so that tells me the box never opened.
I was running it from a folder on my external HD, but I've since moved it to my system HD to see if that made a difference, but it didn't.
As I said before, once I manually edit the vcc.ini, everything runs fine (so far).
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That is odd.  I'm not having the same issue.

Did you also replace all the dlls?

I have noticed on occasion that dlls from builds with different compile/build options can render the dlls to be problematic.

It's always best if the exe and dlls are from the  same build.

However if you already did that then I'm not sure.


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>Ok, had time for some testing. Everything runs fine once setup, but I still do not get ANY file dialog boxes to come up for anything but VCC's initial cartridge slot (not mpi) and the print capture file.
>The mpi slots, fd502 drives, fd502 config/external rom and cassette load dialog boxes are not coming up. I have to insert them by manually editing the vcc.ini file.
>I just now noticed that the "External Rom" isn't loading, even when I edit the vcc.ini manually. It's defaulting to the last used rom.
>Again, this is in Win 10 Pro.
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