[Coco] VCC 2.0.2 with full 6309 emulation. Runs Nitros9 EOU 6309.

Michael Kline klinems at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 5 15:02:27 EST 2019

I had to import some missing files from another version. It works great for me, so far.

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  On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 13:40, Salvador Garcia via Coco<coco at maltedmedia.com> wrote:    Thanks Walter! Much appreciated. I replied to Bill before I saw your post.

I'll follow your procedure when I can get the PC where I have VCC 2.0.1 installed.


    On Thursday, December 5, 2019, 02:25:44 AM CST, Walter Zambotti <zambotti at iinet.net.au> wrote:  

The easiest way to use this update is to:

1 locate where the previous version of vcc.exe resides.
2 rename the old vcc.exe to something else. In case the new vcc.exe is no good.
3 copy the new vcc.exe over the top of the old vcc.exe
4 You may optionally need to repeat the above steps for all the dll's.  This step shouldnt be necessary if you were using vcc 2.01b

Then start vcc in the manner that you normally would.

If it is working you wont notice any difference except the version number.

If the new vcc.exe doesn't work even after optionally replacing the dll's then remove the new vcc.exe and optional dll's and rename the previous ones back to their original names.

If you need to add EOU to your current vcc setup then please refer to the EOU guide.


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---- Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote ----

> I ran it on my home laptop with Win 10 64-bit. VCC came up with a black screen and closed itself after a few seconds.

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