[Coco] VCC 2.0.2 with full 6309 emulation. Runs Nitros9 EOU 6309.

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Wed Dec 4 18:22:33 EST 2019

Ok, being a long time VCC user, I decided to give this a try.
Note: I'm running Win 10 Pro on a Skytech AMD 6core at 3.5ghz, w/8g of memory, and GeForce GTX 1050Ti w/8g

First, the vcc.ini file is configured for Walters system and will error out. My first instinct was to just delete it as VCC will create a fresh one when you run it, thus eliminating all Walter's settings.

2nd, went into Config and set VCC to my liking (6309/RGB/8meg/allow resize,etc)

3rd, Next to load the carts. I could load the mpi.dll and configure the mpi, BUT... any attempt at loading the disk/harddisk modules into the mpi failed. I never saw a dialog box come up for selecting files.

4th, back to the vcc.ini to edit manually to load the drive and harddrive modules.

5th, drives and harddrive in place, VCC boots up in RGBDOS. I try to mount the dsk/vhd images and I still get no dialog box for inserting disk OR vhd images.

6th, back to the vcc.ini file to edit in the dsk & vhd images manually.

7th, typed DRIVEOFF, then DOS. NitrOS9 boots up like a charm.

I have yet to check anything else out as I have about 10 projects on my desktop (all Coco related) and it's getting a little crowded LOL

So, my conclusion (on my system) is that the mpi, fd502, and harddisk insert dialogs are not working properly. I can edit the vcc.ini manually and get things to load, but no insert dialogs seem to be working other than VCC's initial Cart port.
If I get a break from some of the stuff I have going, I will try and check out other things, like the Becker port & orc90 carts.

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