[Coco] VCC 2.0.2 with full 6309 emulation. Runs Nitros9 EOU 6309.

Stephen Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Wed Dec 4 14:12:37 EST 2019

But if you are running W10 32 Bit then you can run 16 bit programs.

Can Windows 10 run 16 bit programs?
Yes, you can!
Even so, it is nice to know that Windows 10 is able to run extremely old 
applications if the need arises. The trick is to make sure that you are 
using a 32-bit edition of Windows 10 because 64-bit editions lack the NT 
Virtual DOS Machine feature that allows legacy 16-bit applications and 
to run.Oct 2, 2018
Configure 16-bit Application Support in Windows 10. 16 Bit support will 
require enabling the NTVDM feature. To do so, press Windows key + R then 
type: optionalfeatures.exe then hit Enter. Expand Legacy Components then 
check off NTVDM and click OK.Jan 9, 2019

I just checked and yes W10 64 Bit will NOT run 16 bit programs.


On 12/4/2019 10:07 AM, Ken Flanagan wrote:
> 32 bit programs will run on a 64 bit Windows. 16 bit programs will not
> though.

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