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Mon Dec 2 16:30:34 EST 2019

You are right. I didn't even think about the fact that my 2mb coco3 s all have a 6309.

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You solved it! The problem is indeed the presence of a 6309 cpu.

I have one in my Coco3 and don't want to swap it back to a 6809 for testing. However with MESS,
selecting Coco3 emulation with 6809 or 6309 makes all the difference in whether MESS will run the
game or not.

So, and this has happened with other programs, some opcode in BUGS-II is illegal which does not
matter to the 6809 but does to the 6309.

Michael Kline via Coco wrote:
> Another challenge with Bugs II, is that it freezes up with a 6309 CoCo 2.
> Michael

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