[Coco] Bugs 2 FYI

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Dec 1 19:10:06 EST 2019

The pdf file for Bugs-II indicates a 64k Coco is required. That means it was not designed for a 
Coco3 as that would be at least 128k.
A quick disassembly of BUGS-II.BIN shows that it runs mostly in all ROM mode and loads code over 
Super Extended Basic which would disrupt Coco3 code.
I tested the program on a 512k Coco3 and the program started but then froze up.

It is of interest that the program does seem to run via Coco3 emulation with MESS v.158 . That might 
provide a clue to how the code could be patched so that the program would run on a real Coco3.

By the way, on a real Coco3 it does not matter if there is an MPI in use or not.


rietveld rietveld wrote:
> Bugs 2 from the archive site does not seem to work with a coco3. Atleast not a 2mb.   Works great on my coco1.    Not sure about a stock coco3 mine are all upgraded maybe someone can check with a 128k
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