[Coco] A Basic09 Query

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 10:37:28 EDT 2019

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019, 7:22 AM Bill Gunshannon <bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com>

> On 8/27/19 9:16 AM, Wayne Campbell wrote:
> >                                                Basic09 is already as
> large
> > as a program can get and still run in a 64k space. I think Curtis may be
> > able to say whether it's a calculation or not.
> I doubt it is.

Perhaps I should have included "for a programming language". As it stands,
while you can increase your workspace size to roughly 40k, anything over
32k and you can't run the procedure in the workspace or use the debugger.
You have to pack the code to run it using RunB, and include your own
debugging code to help track down problems.

As for SQ, wouldn't a PowrOf function have been a better answer?

Since I am not familiar with the term, PowrOf, I can't say. But there
already is 2 tokens for exponent, ^ and **. They both do the same thing,
and I always wondered why that duplication was there. So, SQ(10) is the
same as 10**2 and 10^2. It may be that it's those complicated terms like
what James used that make the difference?


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