[Coco] Potentially Dangerous Bug in Minted.

coco at jechar.ca coco at jechar.ca
Mon Aug 26 10:04:03 EDT 2019

 I was editing a file called p12 with minted on my 6309 coco3 in 
 Nirtos9 3.2  after closing the file I went to reopen it by typing 
 minted p12 but I accidentally typed  minted @12 and minted seemed to 
 have opened the raw device /dd for editing.

 Now in my work flow I have been often editing on my linux pc with
 transferring the file back to the coco for testing with the dw server
 command opening the file with minted, arrow down one, ^D to duplicate
 comment on line 2 and ^S to save and ESC to exit.

 I do this so often It is almost automatic, fortunately I noticed that 
 I was in the wrong file, If I had of been on automatic I might have 
 trashed /dd.

 Therefore: There is a bug that should be fixed in minted.

 As for the  dw server list command I like it just as it is 
 because It lets me 
 do binary transfers from Linux to the Coco.

 A great enhancement HOWEVER would be if instead of typing

 DW SERVER LIST _external_path/filename_>_filename_

 you could optionally type 

 DW SERVER LIST RAW _external_path/filename_>_filename_

 to do exactly the same thing or

 DW SERVER LIST COCOTXT _external_path/filename_ > _filename_

 to have drivewire do the end of line conversions necessary to
 put the file in a proper coco OS9 format.
 For me this would mean that I would not need the extra step of
 importing the file to minted only to resave just to fix the end
 of line format.


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