[Coco] The CoCo Crew Podcast -- Episode 50 is available!

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Mon Aug 19 17:31:11 EDT 2019

Episode 50 -- CoCo standards?, Loading Cassette-based M/L from Disk,
Review of Manic Miner

The CoCo Crew is back again, with another delightful episode to
enliven your summer daze... :-)

Along with the usual news, and our monthly CoCo history lesson, we
have a host discussion on "standards" in the CoCo world (i.e. how do
they get defined? and do they even matter?). Inspired by a bit of
our news segment, Neil does a review on the CoCo (actually Dragon)
version of Manic Miner.

C'mon! Take some time to catch-up with the Crew!


P.S. Sorry I missed posting this to the mailin list earlier -- I was
traveling when we made the release! Since then, we have also crossed
the 100,000 episode download mark. Thanks for being a great audience!
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