[Coco] Microware's MM/1

James Ross jrosslist at outlook.com
Mon Aug 12 12:09:20 EDT 2019

Allen Huffman wrote:

> ... I saved the MM/1 from the trash dump when RadiSys vacated the three story 
> Microware building. ... I do not know the specs, and have no idea if it even 
> still boots. ... If anyone ever decided to make an MM/1 emulator and needs 
> hardware, I’ll make this one available.

That is a cool offer.  I wish I could take you up on it … but time and current projects are an issue. If no one takes you up on it perhaps, someday in the future I can. 

The other thing that would be quite cool is an FPGA implementation – perhaps on the MiSTer platform. 

The MM/1 intrigues me quite a bit – as well as the other 68k CoCo follow-up boards that were available back in the day.  I wish there was a site that was dedicated to documenting all of them thoroughly with extensive pictures, specifications, schematics, etc…  

Since there was little hope that Motorola, at the time, would have updated the 6809 CPU with 32 bit versions that would remain backward compatible, the 68k would have been the only logical path for new updated CoCo versions.  Anything beyond a CoCo4 w/ a Hitachi 6309 and expanded video and sound capabilities circa 88 or 89 would have had to include the 68k CPU.

The other one that is just as interesting is Frank Hogg’s Tomcat … In my opinion, from the little I know about it, seemed like a solid solution for the day. Of course price was the big issue back then. The idea being start w/ CoCo3 compatible 6x09 mainboard w/ an empty GIME socket and then add the ability to plug in a 68k board coprocessor.  

Perhaps an emulator/FPGA could have an MM/1 mode and Tomcat mode? ... that would be neat. 


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