[Coco] Becker port

Jeff Teunissen deek at d2dc.net
Sat Apr 20 22:32:49 EDT 2019

On the IRC channel, some of us were discussing the DriveWire "Becker port"
implemented in emulators and the CoCo FPGA. Specifically, someone thought
it was something that you would build a cable for with a regular CoCo,
perhaps thinking it was related to the bit-banger. We got the confused
person straightened out without too much trouble, and explained what the
Becker port really was, a dedicated serial DriveWire link.

We started wondering how useful it might be to have a real-life version of
the Becker port -- a serial port connection that presents as a read status
port at $ff41 and a read/write port at $ff42, with enough buffer space to
fully contain a 'sector read' response, and possibly be able to run at very
high bit rates without requiring all the CPU a CoCo can apply to it.

Might such a thing (a high-speed DriveWire accelerator program pak) be

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