[Coco] Disk Drive FD 501 Floppy

Melanie and John Mark Mobley johnmarkmelanie at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 23:17:59 EDT 2019

If I let my floppy drive warm up (stay turned on for 25 minutes) then I can
boot OS9.
If I do not let it warm up then it hangs after two lines of "..." dots.
What could be wrong with my 501 floppy drive or 501 floppy controller?
If I turn off the computer but leave on the floppy drive for a cool down
time, then turn the computer back on it will work just fine.  So the problem
is with the floppy drive or floppy controller.
Another time we swapped out the floppy drive and that fixed it, so that
narrows it down to the floppy drive.
How many parts make up the floppy drive?  Power supply, Floppy drive 0 & 2.,
Floppy drive 1 & 3, and ribbon cable.
The ribbon cable is new.
Should I swap floppy drive 0 & 2 for floppy drive 1 & 3?
What adjustments can be made to floppy drives?  Fix the power supply, belt,
rpm, head alignment, ...
Can I get it repaired at the CoCoFEST?

John Mark Mobley

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