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Ah, yes.  I also managed to save enough money back in the day to get a Color Computer 2 (first gen, with the melted keyboard) but did NOT have enough money for a color TV.

I remember getting it all hooked up and for the next few months wondering at my decision to purchase a "color" computer without any way of actually seeing color.

Finally, I saved up for a 13" Magnavox with color.  This was an unusual TV and actually cost a little more.  It had a button on it that put it into "display" or "computer" mode - I don't remember the exact nomenclature.  But it made a visible difference.  It still used the TV slider control box to connect, but sharpened the image and got rid of most of the waviness that the TV would show.

Good memories,

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Just spent the last 30 mins reliving my youth by playing SHAMUS on my coco2 connected to a small B/W TV.    I spent so much time as a kid using this setup while I waited for a chance to hook it up to the 28 inch floor model colour TV in the living room.     Still just as frustrating when you can't see what colour key is needed since they all look grey

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