[Coco] Old Fuddy-Duddy Question

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Thu Sep 20 17:32:19 EDT 2018

Yes, Disk Basic of any flavor requires Extended Basic.


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 5:24 PM, tim franklinlabs.com <tim at franklinlabs.com>

>    I was at the  VCFMW show last week and bought a virgin CoCo 2 for
>    $25.00. I figured, "What the hell". Finally got to turn it on and it
>    works. It's still got the original seal on the screw. However, it's
>    only got 16K of RAM and Basic 1.2. So, my old fuddy-duddy question
>    because I'm lazy, When I put in the SDC, it doesn't see the DISK ROM.
>    Do I need to have Extended Color Basic ROMS for that to work?
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