[Coco] OT: Hurricanes Are No Fun

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Wed Sep 19 14:45:10 EDT 2018

On 09/19/2018 11:43 AM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:

Yes, learned that lesson over the years. Even a small tropical storm
can stall and dump a lot of rain, The Carolinas got a lot more rain
than anything I've seen. A portion of Hurricane Irene stalled a few
miles from my home and dumped 7" of rain in 1 hr. Then the water came
downstream. I'm downstream. We had 5 minutes to evacuate and I managed
get across a bridge that was 8" underwater. The roads were closed for
a few days while we waited for the water to drop. We then began the
process of helping our neighbors tear out the mold. Make sure you have
really good masks. Mold is very nasty. My asthma has been problematic
since then though it is getting better.

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