[Coco] FRENCH CoCo 3 Manuals...

Joe Schutts j_schutts at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 12:34:26 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a "French" Canadian CoCo 3 from Canada that came with 4 "French" Canadian Manuals that I neither read nor want. They are as follows:

1. Color Computer "Quick Reference Guide".

2. Introducing Your Color Computer 3.

3. Color Computer 3 Extended Basic.

4. An Addendum Manual. (I'm not exactly sure what this manual covers as I do not read French).

All of the manuals are in "Good" shape except for the "Quick Reference Guide", which is a little dog eared (but still usable and readable).

If anyone is interested in buying these manuals (for a reasonable price - shipping included) please contact me directly. I would rather see these manuals go to a good home where they can be of use, rather than throw them away.

These are too good to pass up and you likely never see them again... At least not in this shape...

Take care...


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