[Coco] Here I go again..........

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You might want to consider saving them at archive.org <http://archive.org/>.

> On Sep 4, 2018, at 12:01 PM, Camillus Blockx <camillus.b.58 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can take a look at at it and make sure they get in the Coco archive,
> where can I download them?
> C
> On Tue, Sep 4, 2018, 10:03 AM Scott Wendt <malfunct at msn.com> wrote:
>> I'm interested in doing the work to clean, organize and post these files.
>> Thank you for offering them up to the community.
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>> Hi Everyone,
>> Well here I go again...
>> Over the years, I have acquired over 2MEG worth of "Text", "JPG", "PNG",
>> "PDF", and "Doc" files relating to the CoCo (both the 1, 2, and 3) as well
>> as other "Doc" and other files related to the CoCo and the hardware that
>> supports and/or works on it.
>> I am sure that I have many files that are not in the Color Computer
>> Archive (or possibly anywhere else). Like I said, I've acquired these files
>> over the years. Now is the time to share these files with the world (free
>> of charge).
>> What I am looking for is someone to do 2 main things.
>> 1st, to go through these files and get rid of any duplicates that I might
>> have gathered over the years.
>> And 2nd, to post these files on a Web Site where everyone can get a "Free
>> Copy" of any file they might wish to download.
>> Now to give some of you users some idea of what type of files I do have,
>> here are some examples of some of the things I have collected over the
>> years.
>> I have PNG and DOC files that show what modifications are necessary to
>> modify different Disk Drives so they will work on a CoCo.
>> I also have TXT and JPG files that show how to modify and/or enhance the
>> RS-232 Pak.
>> I also have TXT and DOC files that show how to modify (or enhance) various
>> CoCo programs and games. For example TeleWriter 64 and 128 and many others.
>> I also have various OS-9 files. Everything from OS-9 Level 1 and Level 2
>> up to and including Nitro OS-9...
>> Anyway, these files are available to anyone who is interested or willing
>> to do the work needed.
>> Just let me know if you're interested in taking on the job...
>> Take care everyone...
>> Joe...
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