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I assume from all of the talk about this that the auto trimming function of Gmail would alleviate the lengthy email responses; but again I really prefer the long form email that archives the previous responses

I can't be the only one who likes this? Right?

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 There are times when I do not get to the cocolist emails for quite some time; when I see some of interest it's helpful for me to read some of the previous msgs. to know the whole discussion.  Maybe I'm clueless, but I do like reading some of the old stuff of interest to me.  Is there an "Archive" option I haven't seen because I scan sometimes?
Maybe I missed something again, quick scans, but I haven't seen an efficient solution yet to trim, or I need to put on my understanding aid. I'm guessing it means reply to the last post and then highlight everything else below it and delete it???   And make a reply 1000 letters or less, and have a editor that counts as you type??
Ok I just highlighted Scott Wendt text below and deleted it.  Is that the solution?  Just asking.  That's aggravating.

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