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Constructive feed back:

1. Fewer questions per email.
2. 1 space between paragraph.
3. The device is called an SDC, not SDCX.
4. There is a really nice manual for the SDC:

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> 1. Out of the SDCards (32MEG) or the CF Cards (256Meg), which ones can I access by using the SDCX Explorer and will I be able to access ALL of the space from within DOS and not be forced to use OS-9??? By the way, I have aROM with HB-DOS already burned on it.

The version of HDB DOS for the SDC can read hard disk images from the
SD card. (https://sites.google.com/site/cocoboot2/home/sdcfeedingfrenzy)
You can't use those card directly. Dump the sectors from your SD or CF
cards using a PC and put the resulting files on the SD card for the

> 2. WHICH format is the best to use with the SDCXAdapter???

DSK. The other, SDF, is for copy protected formats.

> 3. Is there any particular program (or programs) that I will need to use in order to make my “DSK” or the other image format???

The SDC comes with a modified version of Disk BASIC that allows you to
copy real disks to disk images.

Setup: In a Multi-Pak, SDC in slot 4, real FDC in slot 3.
Step 1: DRIVE 0,OFF
Step 3: BACKUP 1 TO 0

> 5.  How many image files can I expect to get on a 32MEGSD Card or a 256MEG CF Card (IF I decide to use these)???

The SDC can not connect to a CF card. On an SD card, tens of thousands
of disk images can fit.

> 6. If I use the CFCards (as my MAIN Storage), can I access these cards from within the SDCX Explorer Program or will I need to switch over to OS-9 in order to access these cards???

The SDC can not access CF cards. Make an image of the CF card (using a
PC), put the image file on the SD card. Use HDB DOS.

> 7. If I use “DSK”images, is there an easy way (using either a Program and/or aCommand) to join 2 or more “DSK” Images together into one “DSK”Image???

On the CoCo, no. On UNIX yes:

cat disk1.dsk disk2.dsk >disk3.dsk

MS-DOS has similar commands.

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