[Coco] Invite for candidates of the GCCC elections

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Thu Oct 11 11:36:41 EDT 2018

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 07:45:09PM +0000, Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote:
> Since the Glenside Color Computer Club elections are coming up on
> Oct. 18, I would like to post a kind invitation to the candidates
> for President and VP to post something about themselves and the ideas
> they have for the club. 
> Post on the Facebook group, CoCo list, Discord, on your own Website
> if available, or send your content to John Mark Mobley and he'll post
> it on the club's website. Online voting available for club members
> in good standing. More information in the latest newsletter: 
> http://www.glensideccc.com/…/lib…/newsletters/gccc38_2nl.pdf

Well...blame Salvador for the SPAM, not me! ;-)

First note that the voting is happening _now_ -- the 18th is the _end_
of the voting. So, vote ASAP!!

As for the bit about myself, I'll again repeat my answer from

Haha! Well, hey...I'm one of the Tandy Assembly founders, I'm the
author of Fahrfall, I'm the publisher of most of the cartridge games
for the CoCo this century, etc. I've been blogging about the CoCo
for years, making videos as well, and have been doing the podcast
for more than 40 episodes so far.

The CoCo is my most important hobby, and Glenside is a big contributor
to the CoCo community. I just want to keep it healthy and strong,
which is why I've participated in the meetings for so long.

I guess it comes down to "if you don't know me by now..." ;-)


As for my ideas for the club...

There are lots of improvements that could be made to the various
ways Glenside communicates -- better ways to manage email lists, more
consistent use of teleconferencing, better management of the website,
etc. Even just a bit more discipline in holding to published meeting
times could make things better for lots of potential contributors
that live outside of Chicagoland.

The CoCo community is spread across North America, even
worldwide. Modern communication technologies make the world a bit
smaller than it was decades ago when Glenside was formed. Maybe
Glenside can adapt and better serve the community as a whole.

Thanks for looking!

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