[Coco] SDCX Questions...

Joe Schutts j_schutts at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 23:01:08 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,

Ihave a few questions that I need answered so I thought I’d ask themhere where everyone has some ideas…

Firstoff, I have a LARGE suitcase filled with about 30-40 boxes of“FLIPPIES”. Those are 40 Track Single-Sided Floppy Disks thathave been modified to be Read/Written on BOTH sides.

Onthese disks are BAS Files, EXE Files, along with TXT Files, GIFFiles, and other types of files. All of which I would like totransfer over to either SD Cards or CF Cards or something else. Eventually I hopeto transfer them all over to my SDCX unit (which I have yet to use).

Ialso have a number of 32MEG SD Cards as well as a bunch of 256MEG CFCards that I can use with an IDE Adapter attached to the CoCo 3 usinga MPI Adapter.

1.Out of the SD Cards (32MEG) or the CF Cards (256Meg), which ones canI access by using the SDCX Explorer and will I be able to access ALLof the space from within DOS and not be forced to use OS-9??? By theway, I have a ROM with HB-DOS burned on it.

2.Now I know that there are a number of formats that are supported bythe SDCX Adapter. They include the “DSK” format and another onethat starts off with the letter “C” (not sure of the name) andpossibly others. What I need to know is, WHICH format is the best touse with the SDCX Adapter???

3.Is there any particular program (or programs) that I will need to usein order to make my “DSK” or the other image formats???

4.What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different formats overthe others???

5.I plan to use the same numbering format I used on my disks. Forexample “GAME001A” and “GAME001B” for the back side of disk#1. Or “GRAP001A” or “GRAP001B” or “MISC001A” or“UTIL001A”. This way, it will be much easier to match up theindividual disks with the image files. Now doing this, how many imagefiles can I expect to get on a 32MEG SD Card or a 256MEG CF Card???

6.If I use the CF Cards (as my MAIN Storage), can I access these cardsfrom within the SDCX Explorer Program or will I need to switch overto OS-9 in order to access these cards???

7.If I use “DSK” images, is there an easy way (using either aProgram and/or a Command) to join 2 “DSK” Images together intoone “DSK” Image???

Ifyou have any answers for these questions, please number them so I canmatch the answers up with the questions…

Thankseveryone for your help…


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